About Linda T. Kennedy, Editor, The Silver Lining News

Linda was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and became a journalist in high school when she took journalism as an elective to an English class. When her journalism teacher, also the school newspaper editor, noticed Linda was hooked, she appointed Linda feature editor of the state-award winning publication. 

“That’s the teacher that changed my life forever,” said Linda. “Since those positions were appointed, not applied for, I felt a huge sense of both capability and responsibility to keep up the paper’s quality and state-winning status. After that year on the newspaper, I never gave it a second thought, or doubt about my career; I was going to be a journalist. It was like recognizing my life calling.”

Linda graduated from the University of Utah with a BA degree in Mass Communications, where she also served as a writer on the University of Utah Collegiate newspaper. She served internships in Senator Orrin Hatch’s press office, at United Stations Radio Network and KUTV. She reported for several publications in Utah, including Utah Business magazine where she was associate editor, and managing editor for Sandy Style. Linda’s work has earned awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, Utah Headliners Association and Marcom International.  

“Now, my Mom says, I am prepared to take on The Silver Lining News,” says Linda. “I feel more responsibility than I did that day in high school when my journalism teacher gave me my first official assignment as a reporter. But this is even something more – this is about my family and professional histories coming together for a great opportunity.” 

In addition to raising her daughter, Linda enjoys spoiling her dog and taking her on long walks near her home in Murray, Utah. She believes the key to success is gaining the maturity to finally recognize that your mom did know a thing or two, after all.  

Her Work: 
Linda won the Society of Professional Journalist 3rd place Award, Utah Chapter, with "Lean Machines," a feature on Utah's manufacturing industry which was published in Utah Business magazine.

Also, she won a 2011 Marcom International Award for "Miles Between Us," a content marketing piece for Comphealth that was published in Healthcare Traveler magazine. 

She also wrote for Business Utah, the Utah Governor's business publication and Benefitspro.com.