The Silver Lining News


Rebecca Z. Kennedy started The Silver Lining News in 1972 as a vision for news reported from positive angles, and story follow-ups that illustrated “silver linings” from past events. In order to register her business and slogans in Utah during the 1970s, she was required to distribute the publication out of state. 

She made a single-sheet publication and drove to Wyoming where the owner of a drug store agreed to distribute it for her. Within a couple months, she received a Utah State declaration granting her protection for “The Silver Lining News” as well as “First With the Good News.”

Rebecca could not fund developing her vision further, though, since at the time her limited resources were primarily invested in raising her children. But she maintained her registrations and business license. In 1983, Rebecca filed for her national trademarks and hired a local patent and trademark attorney to further secure her name and slogans. 

With the emergence of the Internet in 2000, Rebecca could finally launch her publication online. The site was successful  Family life soon took a larger precedence in Rebecca’s life again, with a new granddaughter and her husband’s critical medical needs. Significant progress on the publication suspended again, but she remained committed to maintaining her licenses and standing with Google. 

Eventually, the website became outdated and in 2014, Rebecca approached her daughter, Linda T. Kennedy, to join her in redesigning the editorial approach, logos and website. “Although I saw her ‘silver lining’ logo drawings and nice stationary on her desk while I was growing up, I didn’t give it much thought,” recalls Linda. “My family was avid news consumers, but my mom didn’t spend time talking about her business idea when I was younger. I am excited she wants to share it with me now, though.”

Rebecca never expected her daughter would be a journalist for The Silver Lining News. “I never mentioned it. But we all dream and as I saw Linda build experience over the years, I could see that maybe my own “silver lining” would emerge from the unavoidable delays I experienced with the publication; it was destined to become a mother-daughter business. The Silver Lining News can now move forward in very good qualified hands.”

In 2014, The Silver Lining News launched online as an international digital news niche boutique that is entirely mobile. “Eventually, we will be all things silver linings,” says Linda. “But this is the real deal as far as good news. You won’t see cute animal videos here – harmonizing sheep choirs, for instance, but you will read elusive perspectives mined with an eye on hotbed social issues and human interest topics.  It’s gutsy journalism with a different, delicious flavor.”