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Color Outside the Lines

"Color Outside the Lines" Facts and Figures from the Lily, Sarah, Grace Fund first annual gala: Premier of the Book “You Can’t Memorize This”: 38 personal drawings by cele.... read more

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Lily Sarah Grace Fund First Annual Gala

LILY SARAH GRACE FUND FIRST ANNUAL GALAOrganization entertains teachers and supporters, grade-school style   By Linda T. Kennedy If one could give an emotional analogy for silv.... read more

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Team Teague

Dog Therapy Duo are People Watchers with a Purpose By Linda T. Kennedy After serving 56 years (essentially) in his field, Lincoln Teague still gets up in the morning and goe.... read more

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Broken No More

By David B. CluffIt is hard being labeled or viewed as something “broken,”, or even worse, feeling like you are broken. When I lost my hearing I felt like I was broken and as if a piece of m.... read more

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The Silver Lining News Story

The Silver Lining News Story; Picking up a hitchhiker was about the only time my family had a brush with the counterculture revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, and that was before my p.... read more

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The Silver Lining: If We Could Only See It

When my Mom and I started planning the new site for The Silver Lining News, we decided to start a tradition that every staff member should include their own silver lining story, beginning with ourselv.... read more

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