Candace M. Little, Food Editor

I cover mostly food stories for The Silver Lining News. With that in mind, you should know that I am a food snob. And an unapologetic one. I’m always on the hunt for good food, meaning it not only has pure flavor and original flare, and its taste per bite outweighs its calorie per bite, but good food is usually served on, sandwiched between, smothered with, and sometimes even deep-fried in a meaningful story.

In addition to teaching me how to clean my room and control my temper, my mother taught me to identify herbs in her pot roast and potatoes and to decipher the difference between Nestle and Ghirardelli chocolate. Didn’t everyone’s mom do that? I’m pretty sure I learned how to read just so I could follow a recipe. One of my earliest memories is me and my family mixing, rolling, baking and packaging gingersnaps for a summer vacation. It’s no wonder I’m unhealthily (though very happily) attached to the sound of my Bosch mixer, the aroma of fresh bread and the late summer-sight of soon-to-be peach pies hanging on trees.

If you need any more convincing of my passion for food, or have anything else to share, please feel free to contact me. In the meantime, I’ll be on the hunt for more Delicacies by Default, Sunnyside Up recipes and other meaningful and delicious connections between food and we humans who eat it.

-C.M. Little

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