“Color Outside the Lines”

Facts and Figures from the LilySarahGrace Fund

First Annual Gala:

Premier of the Book “You Can’t Memorize This”:

38 personal drawings by celebrities in the visual and performing arts
500 initial copies printed to sell at the campaign launch gala

  • 2nd printing anticipated with additional drawings from other artists

Nearly half the books are already sold.

Purchasing information is online, at: http://lsgshop.org

How many students could benefit?
Kickstarter funding: 21,000

Sales from all books = 45 stepping stone LSG project grants at $450 a piece.

Average class size in the U.S.: 25[1]

If only one classroom benefits from each grant, a minimum of 1,125 students benefit from projects funded by the “You Can’t Memorize This” book.
(Most grant applicants teach multiple classes and propose projects for 1 stepping stone grant to benefit many students.)

Greatest amount of students served by 1 LSG stepping stone grant to date: 600 students

What else is in the book?

Drawings by Lily, Sarah and Grace on the front and back inside covers

There are 3 sections in the book for each Badger girl.

Matt wrote his personal memories about each of his daughters:

He talks about Lily overcoming her fears.

He recounts Sarah’s charisma and draw.

He recalls Grace’s absolute confidence
and shares about his love for the girls.

The Gala:

  • Pippi Badger, fund-raiser extraordinaire (see “One for the Money”) wore a purple tulle frock, designer unknown.
  • Sharpie provided personalized LSG markers for guests to color on the walls.
  • Celebrity-art glazed sugar cookies were served next to hors d’oeuvres and an open bar.
  • Rufus Wainwright, award-winning American-Canadian singer-songwriter, composer, who performed at the gala, also sang “Somewhere over the Rainbow” at Lily’s, Sarah’s and Grace’s funeral.
  • The font used for the “Color outside the Lines” phrase on campaign materials is a font made from samples of Lily’s, Sarah’s and Grace’s own handwriting.

 To learn more about the LilySarahGrace Fund, see the LSG series in On Our Watch 



[1] Editorial Projects in Education Research Center. (2011, July 1). Issues A-Z: Class Size. Education Week. Retrieved Month Day, Year from http://www.edweek.org/ew/issues/class-size/

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