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Who can argue the comfort that comes from having a favorite meal on days that take us to our wits’ end? We definitely believe good food can be a silver lining on those days. And sometimes the food is associated with an additional silver lining; the memory of a loved one – perhaps a recipe that was developed long ago and passed down through the family. There’s a certain soup for remedies, a particular cake for birthdays, for instance.

Depression-era recipes emerged when resources were low and creativity was high to make the most of rations and bring appetizing food to the table. That creativity in the kitchen was a silver lining to many families during tough times. Click Sunny Side Up to learn how some of the most fulfilling fare came from some of the simplest means, and still please generations today.

Also, take a look at stories and recipes from those who have built masterpieces from their culinary mishaps. Click Delicacy-By-Default™ for food that went from “whoops” to “wonderful.”