PHNOM PENH SLUMS - JUNE 2012: Friendship in slumFROM RICHES TO RAGS: In 2004, Scott Neeson, former president of 20th Century Fox International, walked away from a million-dollar salary and star-studded Hollywood lifestyle to serve poverty-stricken families in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh. Today, his nonprofit Cambodian Children’s Fund houses, educates and provides free health care to thousands in the Cambodia’s most desperate slums.

One big SLN media peeve is that there are numerous, awesome nonprofit foundations and organizations impacting the world; many, as a matter of fact, that use the Silver Lining proverb in their missions. But we aren’t seeing much about them, on a continual basis, in major media outlets. We’re guessing there are several reasons for that, but largely, nonprofits don’t have big media budgets or public affairs staff to saturate the media with their accomplishments.

Also, nonprofit work sometimes doesn’t pack the intense drama that media finds so delicious and tantalizing. Rather nonprofits march to a committed, rhythmic and methodical drumbeat as they work relentlessly to accomplish their goals. Many of their silver linings go unnoticed. We’re changing that here and now. Click For the Good of It and read about the phenomenal game changers in our lives.