SLN Careers



If you sleep, eat, drink, breath, basically live to chase an enterprising story, or share it with everyone one in the world, you might be a Godsend to The Silver Lining News.

But you also love to dig through information, are relentlessly passionate about fact finding and optimally utilizing appropriate sources. You can’t sleep until you find that one thing you know is out there that will make or break a story. You work your poor Siri to death with ideas.

This is not to say you love working 24/7; it’s to say that what you love to do isn’t work for you. (Hey, we understand that at some news shops, they work you so hard that they expect you to eat at your desk. Well, here, you can eat under it too!)

If this is you, then we want to learn more about you and all the things Siri’s been carrying around for you. Send us 1) Your resume 2) A pitch for a Silver Lining News story.

Additionally, we are also interested in resumes from multi-media professionals and illustrators.