Your Silver Linings

The hands of an old woman holding her grandaughter


We’re absolutely confident you have a silver lining in your life. And we want you to share it with the whole world, not just your Facebook friends. The Silver Lining News was conceived for that purpose, along with covering news-making events with silver linings. We are a portal for your silver lining stories whether you’re a veteran, a survivor, a baby boomer or anyone who found something redeeming in an otherwise challenging experience. We call on you to bring your perspective here, since it can actually have impact for the better — read our Welcome letter. Don’t know how to go about finding your silver lining? Let us help you: read The Silver Lining: If We Could Only See It. When you grasp it, email it to: [email protected], and kindly keep your story to 600 words or less. Or you can click here to send us a note via our contact form.

What if your story was a game changer for someone else?